Political leadership having the intellectual capacity of a door knob, is usually a prerequisite for change. However Ireland appears to be going through a form of transformation inertia, where the inability of a ruling party is not met with political upheaval, but a muffled whimper.

Political upheaval does not have to take the form of lynch mobs and flaming torch processions, conversely what is needed is a decent alternative. A change form a Fianna Fail government to a Fine Gael led coalition government is not an alternative, it’s a deformed substitution.

A instigation of functional politics is what Ireland craves; a non-partisan, impassioned logical approach to dealing with Ireland financial woes passionately implemented. Grouping together industrial, social and economic experts with a clear mandate for institutional change of a system currently nullified of any form of adequacy is the first step.

Current incumbents of supposed institutional change are obviously political driven, concerned more with a feverish search for savings that any worthwhile effective change for the people. The governments political mandate, although elected, is diluted if not completely dispersed.

The construction of N.A.M.A, its far-reaching ramifications and imposition of massive debt on Ireland’s citizenry has passed with relative impunity. Protests; in order to work, have to be transformed from screaming at news bulletins, rolling eyes at newspaper headlines and venting frustrations with friends and family. An organised political movement for change, where knowledge not nepotism, creativity not cowardice, and innovation not incompetence are rewarded, cultivated and shared with the electorate is the cure for the ills of the Irish electorate .

The only political direction any new party should be concerned with is going forward!

Inexperience will be shouted from the roof tops from traditional party spokesmen, if the formation of a new political party was to come to fruition. The solution is in the hands of the public. We should coerce out are best and brightest from all sectors of society, converting mere commentators, industry leaders and social innovators to empowered instigators of change and recovery.

All sectors of society could place their vote on that ballot sheet based on genuine competent political candidates and not just what the traditional parties dish out in front of them.

Change is not born through apathy, or protest votes, but a concerted effort to push forward with the commitment of the people. If change is what you crave, then your commitment is what is needed, apathy plays into the hands of those in power, dwarfs your views and aspirations and destroys what little power you hold.

Engagement in the political process will empower you. A mass engagement of those disillusioned and angered with the current political process is the only truly effective means to instigate change. If in five years are media channels are still packed with doom, gloom and despair we only have ourselves to blame.